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Ostrich Leather Ambassador from MSTR Watches

The dark bronze stainless steel casing of the AM112OB blends perfectly with the genuine ostrich leather used for the wrist straps. To provide contrast, a black bezel and dial face allow the golden numbers to pop. Vibrant red arms were added to the chronographs and second hand that further accent the timepiece. A 6-hand Swiss quartz movement ensures that you’re always on time for the most important occasions.

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About MSTR:
“Meister” is a translation from the German word for “Master” – who is a revered leader and artisan qualified to teach others. A Meister is known as a superior taste maker who inspires others and paves the path into the future. This timepiece series was created to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion without compromising traditional craftsmanship. Meister watches feature multi-pieced designs that blend various materials such as carbon fiber, stainless steel, and an assortment of rare leathers into a bold collection of functional timepieces.

New from International AERO

Clay Bar and Protect Your Car in Half the Time with AERO’s GLIDE

International AERO Products unveils the newest product in their line, GLIDE, a polymer infused clay bar. The patent pending clay formula allows you to clay your car and apply a protective coating in half the time since it lays down AERO’s exclusive co-polymer protective coating on your paint as you clay.

“The same techniques and motions of using a clay bar on your paint are the same techniques and motions you use when waxing or applying a protective coating on your vehicle’s paint,” says Jonathan Saltman, President & CEO of AERO. “We realized that there is no reason to have to repeat this process, and we’ve eliminated the steps in between of having to wipe off, clean, apply the protection and then having to remove the residue-all a very time consuming process.”

GLIDE, which is safe to use on all painted surfaces including clear coat, is great for removing tree sap, bug residue, paint overspray, environmental fallout, road tar, rail dust, minor oxidation, stubborn dirt and minor topical scratches. With AERO’s unique co-polymer infused formula, your paint will have a layer of long lasting protection and a deep, pristine shine that will last on your vehicle’s finish for months.

“Now we’ve developed a superior product that drastically reduces the time it takes to getting your vehicle’s paint looking pristine,” says Saltman. For more information about GLIDE and the rest of the AERO product line visit


About International AERO Products:

International AERO Products are designed to withstand the most extreme environments on earth, from airfield surface temperatures that can reach 120 F to a frigid -60 F at 50,000 feet above the earth. Until now, AERO products have only been available to the aerospace industry for maintaining the world’s most exclusive aircraft. We offer a wide selection of quality tested and approved cleaning, polishing, protective coating and detailing products for all of your vehicle’s maintenance needs. Call us today for a sales representative in your region, (800) 337-WASH or go to

SPOCOM Tour 2012 Kickoffs in Hawaii

This year the SPOCOM 2012 Tour will kickoff in Hawaii.  On Saturday, July 7th, SPOCOM will invade paradise to showcase the islands finest rides and hottest ladies.  Do you want know which models from the mainland will be attending?  Stay tuned for more info.

Sprint 2 Drift Sport RTR RC Car from HPI-Racing

Based on the popular and durable Sprint 2, this drift version adds specially designed hard compound drift tires pre-mounted on officially licensed replicas of the famous Volk TE37 wheels. Top it off with your choice of two different clear body shells, the legendary Toyota Trueno AE86 or the Nissan 350Z, both supplied with pre-cut vinyl decals and an extra set of drift decals. The chassis is factory assembled right out of the box. The Sprint 2 Drift Assembled is a formidable drift machine that looks and drifts just like the real thing.

The Sprint 2 Drift Assembled chassis is 4WD for consistent drift action on a wide variety of surfaces, easy to drive, and has all of the features you need to adjust for a perfect drift set-up: camber, toe-in, ride height, Ackerman, and a wide variety of available shock oils and shock springs! With a big foam front bumper, reinforced molded nylon chassis, upper deck and shock towers, you’ll see that the Sprint 2 Drift can easily take the abuse of drift driving. The full ball bearing, dual belt, 4 wheel drive transmission is very efficient and capable of handling high power modified electric motors down to 10 turns.

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Learn How to Drift by HPI-Racing: