Red Line Time Attack Practice Day

Fontana Nissan and their Cosworth powered Z, rolling through the pits.

RoadRace’s Evo.

The Greddy Team getting ready to head out.

Kind of digging the vinyls on this Lotus.

Everytime this Vette would fire up, you could hear it wherever you were in the pits.

Current Formula D points leader, Dai Yoshihara, piloting a Nissan Sentra built by Mike Kojima.

Dai doing his video blog.

Evolution Racewerks BMW 1 series in the pits.

All in all, it was good seeing some old friends, some new faces, and checking out the Redline Time Attack series. Good luck to all the drivers/teams today!

Get Ready by Fiat

Leave it to the Italians to come up with a really cool video for the new and upcoming line for FIAT. Digging the retro-electro-EPIC-ness of the music and editing. 5/5 stars. Well done Fiat, well done.

Eibach Meet

We were worried about the event because as you can see the wet pavement, it was raining on the way there up until the moment we arrived.

But the rain didn’t keep the thousands of people away from this meet. The lot was packed!

Upon arriving, we immediately saw Bisimoto’s amazing CRZ.

Soccer moms? Quite the opposite. These little rugrats are the next generation of enthusiasts!

Taking it back old school. A true OG CRX.

I think Dave@SpoCom was reminiscing about the past. Perhaps he had one?

Yes, it’s a RHD CRX. JDM enough for ya?

From old school, to new school.

We were there for a bit, and the crowds kept on coming. Overall, a great meet!

Toyota Fest

Dave from SpoCom talking with some old friends over at AutoFashion

One of the cleanest Celica’s at the show!

Another angle.

SpoCom’s very own Tricia and Dave walking through the show, planning the next big thing for the upcoming show.

Guy from VIP Auto Salon showing people the LS460h they built for Lexus.

People waiting in line to get their custom silk screened T-Shirts courtesy of the Hit and Run crew and Lexus.

Toyota Fest wouldn’t be complete without the LFA.

APEXi Pop-Up Store at SPOCOM

We’re excited to announce the APEXi pop-up store that will be at SPOCOM Anaheim this year. APEXi will be selling limited edition merchandise from rare Japanese parts normally not sold in the states to collectibles from their rich motorsport history. Make sure to stop by the pop-up store and pick up some history from APEXi.

About Pop-Up Stores

Pop-up stores are a great way to build hype for a brand. By offering parts and collectibles such as spare parts from your race cars or other collectibles not normally available by the public, you can help enthusiasts engage in your brand. If you’re a manufacturer or vendor looking to setup a pop-up store at one of our events, it’s still not to late. Stop by the contact page to reach out to us.

Stopping by Formula DRIFT

Late last week, we stopped by FD’s office to say hello to some old friends and discuss the upcoming SPOCOM show in Anaheim. FD’s events this year have been popping! The season opener at Long Beach Grand Prix was packed with spectators.

Jim is all smiles as always. For anyone that doesn’t know Jim, this is the guy behind Formula DRIFT.

Ryan, the co-founder of Formula DRIFT hard at work creating the activation we just announced for the SPOCOM Anaheim event.

I think we caught Ceso off-guard while he was grinding away at his desk.

Steve taking some time to smile for the camera. At this point I think our blog happy ways we’re getting on everyone’s nerves…

Formula DRIFT’s next event in Florida is a first ever! This will be a special event for sure. Anyone that will be in Florida on the weekend of June3-4, be sure to stop by the race. For more information, log on to

Formula DRIFT Invading SPOCOM

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Formula DRIFT for the 2011 SPOCOM Activate Tour. Formula DRIFT’s race rig will be in attendance at our first event in Anaheim displaying some of biggest name race cars of the 2011 season. Some of the top drivers in the 2011 Formula DRIFT season will also be there signing autographs.

We still have other surprises in the works so stay tuned to for further details.

Our New Mobile Blog

As the 2011 event season is getting underway, it’s exciting to watch and hear what everyone is up to during the scramble to book new and intriguing activations. The creative process of developing the event is truly an art form in itself. To see a group of individuals from various backgrounds come together in a “hive-mind” and architect events is such a interesting process to watch.

That’s why this year, the SPOCOM team will be running the Blog Mobile+ from our smartphones. We want to show you the process of creating SPOCOM to give you a deeper understanding of what the event is to us. So we’ll snapping pics and blogging from meetings with industry veterans, showing you behind the scene photos of vehicles being prepped for the show and whatever else gets our attention.

So stay tuned to Blog Mobile +. It’s going to be exciting ride.

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Event Info: 2017 SPOCOM SF/Alameda


SPOCOM returns to the Bay, Saturday, September 23, 2017 at Alameda Point. Vehicle registration is now open. We encourage all teams/crews to join in on this great outdoor event. Team/Crew booth spaces are also encouraged along with tents, BBQ grills, tailgating and much more. Please inquire about team/crew spaces at We hope to see everyone there for this new groundbreaking event.

General Information:
Alameda Point
2900 Navy Way
Alameda, CA 94501

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