SPOCOM is proud to introduce “South Slide”, which is the drift aspect we are employing for the first time ever at a SPOCOM event. With the help from our buddies The Drift Group (Midwest Drift Union & Southeast Drift Union) we’re very excited to bring you something new to the table.

Registration for South Slide can be done in two ways. The first will be a SOLO registration and the second a TEAM registration. Fees for SOLO registration are $120.00, and for teams of (3) or more, registration is $100.00 per person.

All vehicles are subject to tech inspection by TDG. A 6-Point Roll Cage WITH DOOR BARS are required for all entrants unless otherwise accepted by TDG. If you have any questions regarding tech please email swann@thedriftgroup.com or gregg@thedriftgroup.com. If you are not selected, you will be refunded your entry fee less any and all convenience/processing fees.

Drift roll-inn begins at 7:00am (Saturday, May 27). Technical inspection begins immediately upon load-in. MANDATORY Drivers Meeting begins at 9:00am. If a driver misses this meeting or comes in late, they will not be able to drive until they have been briefed by TDG. Track goes hot at 10:00am. Schedules will be given at the driver meeting.

Click here for South Slide SOLO registration

Click here for South Side TEAM registration